Tri-State M365 Virtual User Group – Provisioning Teams

Date - 01/27/2022
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm


Provisioning Teams, the good, the bad, the ugly….. w/ Richard Toland

Many of us in our daily roles are asked to provision, secure and configure Microsoft Teams in rapid fashion for our organization. In some organizations this can be quite time consuming depending on the various layers of complexity in the configuration requirements we were given. This session examines many different interfaces and methods to automate the process of creating a Team (capital ‘T’), securing it, configuring it from settings right down to creating a Plan within it. To do so, we will examine the request process and data collection using PowerApps, then provisioning & configuration using several methods of automation including from Flow/Azure Logic Apps, Azure Runbooks/Functions, Powershell, and GraphAPI.