KC M365 User Group – Calendar Options in M365

Date - 12/13/2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Do your customers ever ask for something like this: “I just want a calendar that tracks X (vacations) and is available to Y (my direct reports) group.” If someone asked me this question several years ago, the answer was simple: Add a SharePoint calendar. If that same person asked our “Exchange” experts, they’d get the Exchange calendar options.

Today, as a Microsoft 365 customer, we have several options. The challenge is, which one is the best tool, based on the customer’s requirements? Examples: How do you keep showing your SharePoint calendar in Outlook after it hits the dreaded 5k items threshold? What if you want to invite people to this event, and anyone in a group can change the meeting request? What if you want people to book and automatically approve a timeslot on the shared calendar?

We’ll talk about some of the capabilities and “gotchas” with these options. I’m new to Bookings, been working with Exchange for a few years now, and have many (maybe too many ;-)) years experience with SharePoint calendars. I don’t know all the answers, but I’d love to present what I have, and pick meeting participants’ brains as well. I hope you can fit us in your calendar (see what I did there) and let’s make it a lively discussion.

Speaker: Rob Schmidt is a systems engineer at Washington University in St. Louis. He’s been working with SharePoint at WashU since 2007. He’s filled many roles around SharePoint, including PM, BA, developer, trainer, and SharePoint farm admin. He’s implemented and supported sites ranging from basic collaboration to million document imaging sites and multi-thousand page outward-facing websites. In his spare time, He tries to stay abreast of the evergreen Microsoft 365 ecosystem, including SPO and Teams, which is his recent focus. His hobby is beekeeping, or getting stung, depending on the day.