April 2021 User Group Recording

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Securing IT Against Modern Threats with Microsoft Cloud Security Tools

Session Level: 300
Audience: Security Admins/Business Decision Makers

Organizations today are facing unprecedented and sophisticated attacks to their internal Information Technology infrastructure. These evolving attacks include spear phishing, ransomware, credential hijacking, and more and can result in significant data loss and/or theft of confidential and valuable intellectual property. In response to these threats, Microsoft has released an array of tools such as Azure Sentinel, Cloud App Security, Microsoft Defender for Identity, and more which can help to secure and protect against these threats. These tools work with both on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure to provide for comprehensive protection of hybrid environments.

This session breaks down each of these Microsoft tools and provides for an understanding of their value for specific security scenarios. A simple, no-marketing approach is taken to evaluating each individual tool, and a simple breakdown of what is provided with each Microsoft licensing model is outlined. Attendees will gain a better appreciation to which tools to utilize and how to better protect their Information Technology investments from the type of career-ending attacks which are unfortunately common today.

  • Understand how modern threats such as spear phishing, ransomware, credential hijacking, and more are commonly faced in today’s IT environments and what tools and techniques can be used to mitigate the risk faced by these modern threats
  • Examine Microsoft security tools such as Azure Sentinel, Microsoft Defender for Identity, Azure Security Center, Cloud App Security, Azure AD Privileged Identity Management, Azure AD Identity Protection, Azure Information Protection, and more
  • Understand which tools are available for each licensing model in the Microsoft world and when it may make sense to ‘upgrade’ existing licenses to support specific toolsets as opposed to investment in third-party tools

Presenter: Michael Noel

Michael Noel is an internationally recognized technology expert and bestselling author who has spoken on a broad range of topics at over 250 events in over 85 countries around the world. He has authored over two dozen major industry books including the bestselling SharePoint Unleashed series. Currently a partner at Convergent Computing (www.cco.com) in the San Francisco Bay Area, Michael’s writings and extensive public speaking experience leverage his real-world expertise helping organizations realize value from both on-premises and cloud offerings.